Vacuum technology

In modified alcohol

KP Kleen Power, metal components washing machine line

aqueous cleaning solutions / modified alcohol / HFE hydrocarbons / ultrasound

IFP Europe. Smart Factory

IFP Europe’s development starts form the investment in research and design of avant-garde technology systems in the field of small parts and mechanical components washing ,with the aim of ensuring reliability and high performance of the product.
The study ,aimed at a constant improvement in quality standards, has made it possible to develop a company that has been able to create a business model that looks to the future and to ecology.
The KP Kleen Power line satisfies the most varied production needs.
By customizing the design, we are able to meet the specific needs of each customer by adapting the configuration of the machines to the various types of production cycles.

Heart and mind management software

The entire KP Kleen Power line is equipped with a management system that allows direct control over washing cycles, in line with the latest “Industry 4.0” directives.
The original interactive totem created by IFP Europe , equipped with a 15 inch touch monitor, allows the control of the machine functions and at the same time keeps a constant dialogue with the company management and with the IFP Europe technical assistance.

KP Kleen Power beautiful on the outside sophisticated on the inside

KP Kleen Power has been designed to integrate harmoniously into any production chain and any company layout. The washing machine has a sophisticated and captivating design, a stylist choice that perfectly matches the structural solution of the internal systems.
Order and cleanliness characterize the latest generation of washing system, increasingly simple, efficient and compact technical solution.
The choice of using high efficiency accessories and components allows great advantages in management costs and safety


KP Kleen Power

A technology
that allows


recovery of
material waste

Reduction of management costs
high economic benefits

sustainability and innovation

Firmness and long lasting stainless steel washing

The KP KleenPower vacuum washing machine line stands out for its firmness and simplicity to use.
Entirely built in stainless steel with flanges and industrial structure, designed from the beginning to withstand any type of stress usage, KP Kleen Power is reliable over time and requires very little routine maintenance.
The washing system of the machine is built with an aerospace philosophy, each component is easily accessible and the control for the functionality of the washing cycles is managed by a wireless system, thus simplifying the internal wiring system.

Priority to work in safety

Protecting operators safety is IFP Europe’s first goal. Every single mechanical component and every electronic component that can potentially put the operator’s health at risk is accompanied by safety info graphics and essential coding for remote technical assistance, the strong point of the company.
The system configuration allows you to easily reach every single component to be maintained and easily identify the exact point of the fault in real time. The quality and reliability of the components are the ideal conditions for securing the operator by limiting the number of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations to a maximum. The company uses original or reconditioned spare parts with “IFP Europe Guarantee”

Ultrasound and Ultraclean

When a particularly difficult and complex washing is expected, IFP Europe offers ultrasound technology as an option. Ultrasounds are used in combination with Eco Power vacuum cleaning system which provides cleaning and decontamination cycles with aqueous detergent solutions and modified alcohol, thus amplifying the cavitations effect useful for the neutralization of contaminants such as : processing oil, calcareous encrustations, polishing residues, casting residues, biological contamination, grease, metal fillings, water and more.
IFP Europe in the KP Kleen Power vacuum washing machine line uses Weber Ultrasonics®, technology , a guarantee of quality and efficiency.


Main features

Continuous filtration of washing liquids

Chip drying and deodorizing before opening the filter

Continuous distillation of washing liquids

Continuous separation of the emulsion with automatic water drain

Complete separation of the oil from the washing liquid with continuous automatic discharge

Remote assistance via internet

Total absence of routine maintenance

Siemens – HMI Panel for Industry 4.0 management

Main features

Continuous filtration of washing liquids

Chip drying and deodorizing before opening the filter

Continuous distillation of washing liquids

Continuous separation of the emulsion with automatic water drain

Complete separation of the oil from the washing liquid with continuous automatic discharge

Remote assistance via internet

Total absence of routine maintenance

Siemens – HMI Panel for Industry 4.0 management


Completely stainless steel construction • Vacuum systems for vacuum washing
High pressure washing liquid pumps • Vacuum pumps • Variable turbulence spraying system
Cryogenic abatement system • Sludge stripping distiller
Hermetic washing liquid loading/unloading system • Washing liquid filtration
Double washing liquid storage tank • Touch screen operating • Remote assistance via internet


Ultrasound transducer for ultrasound cleaning • Third washing liquid tank
Protective agent application group • Additional filtration group
Automatic load handling systems • Automatic load recognition systems

KP Kleen Power


The highest quality of specific treatment for small quantities.


With rich standard equipment, it guarantees excellent washing performance in low productions or with low contaminants.


With the combined use of modified alcohol and aqueous detergent solution, cleaning is perfect both in the case of organic and inorganic contaminants.


Ideal product for the most demanding applications, it satisfies requests for high productivity and large quantities of contaminants.


High-Tech model guarantees safety, efficiency, economy and versatility. Particularly suitable for the removal of polishing pastes.


With its large dimensions, it allows the perfect treatment of very high production volumes or single loads of large dimensions.


Stainless steel basket system for vacuum washing machines

The KP TOOL stainless steel wire basket system has been designed to ensure maximum performance in the performance in the washing, decontamination and drying phase of large and small sized metal pieces. IFP Europe has adopted modularity (Fami), a system that facilitates storage by solving any logistics problem.

Basket carriage

The handy IFP carriage is equipped with a basket tray with manual locking. Ideal for the KP Kleen Power manual version .

Interactive totem Simatic HMI Comfort Panel

IFP Europe has created an interactive totem with a design loyal to the family feeling of the entire line of KP Kleen Power vacuum washing machines. Equipped with a handy Siemes (Simatic HMI Comfort Panel),supplied with an intuitive graphic interface and handy USB ports.

Advantageous Technology

The best technology on the market


KP washing machines series thanks to the washing cycle with modified alcohol entirely under vacuum with vacuum values up to 1 millibar and the rich standard and a rich standard and optional equipment, represent the best technology for washing on the market.

The best environmental quality


The KP washing machines working entirely under vacuum ensure that at the end of the treatment no residual washing liquid s present on the pieces or released into the environment.

The best productivity


KP washing machines, thanks to the reduction of the cycle time, allows a 100% increase in production capacity and a 50% reduction in electricity consumption.

The best washing quality


KP washing machines constantly ensure the best metal washing results whatever the degree of contamination and the type of parts, even in the case of deep blind drilling.

The best management of the washing liquid


KP washing machines allow you to drastically reduce the consumption of washing liquid up to a few liters per year and eliminate the need for chemical additions (stabilizers).

The best management economy


KP washing machines allow you to completely separate oil from the washing liquid and reuse it in the production cycle with great economic advantage, according to the type of material the chip is also separated and daily maintenance is eliminated.

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