High technology, attention for the environment, economy management, form a business model that looks at ecology and innovation

IFP Europe, the experience, innovation, sustainability of a Company that designs and realizes metal washing systems

We are a company specialized in the production of metal washing systems founded in 2010 by Giacomo Sabbadin and Alberto Gobbo, our headquarters are in Galliera Veneta (PD) in one of the most productive industrial districts in Veneto.
We are a dynamic, growing company, In recent years we have positioned ourselves among the European leaders of our reference market; the systems designed and built in the plant in Padova are sold in Italy and around the world in 26 countries.

How do we wash our metals?
We have chosen eco-sustainability and the most advanced technology.

Our systems wash metals in a totally vacuum cycle using modified alcohol and hydrocarbons that guarantee respect for the environment. A technology that allows to reduce time cycles and the power used by the plant and with a 100 % increase in production capacity. But we didn’t stop only at functionality. Our company has revolutionized the way of designing industrial machines for metal washing by combining the technical characteristics of the product with the values of a careful aesthetic, ergonomic and functional planning bringing design in to the production workshop.

Our numbers

In ten years (since 2010, the year of the foundation) we have achieved a turnover of 24 million euro, produced 1000 metal washing systems, an average of 150 per year and each system is composed of approximately 4000 assembled pieces.

The production organization

The main goal of IFP Europe is to satisfy every customer’s request with technical and production consultancy that involves all internal departments of the company.
All the mechanical system and programming solutions for the customer’s production needs always correspond to safety and environmental sustainability standards, characteristics that have always distinguished IFP Europe, making it a leader in the vacuum washing machines with modified alcohol market.

Technical office

The technical office is adequately equipped to meet every design and engineering need by offering technical solutions with original or regenerated components guaranteed by IFP Europe.

Technical staff is able to design and adapt solution in the washing machine system and in the support automations for loading – unloading baskets.

The laboratory

To ensure adequate advice to the customer and to develop new technical improvement solutions, the contribution of the lab testing is crucial, which is adequately equipped with the best instruments available on the market, allows to obtain surprising results.


Purchasing office

Decisive is the contribution of the purchasing office, able to maintain a constant supply to the production department warehouse and a prompt supply of original or remanufactured spare parts guaranteed by IFP Europe to the Assistance Service.


Assistance Service

A group of adequately trained technicians takes care of remote technical assistance to ensure constant monitoring of all systems in the country and abroad alerted by maintenance signal.
If necessary ,IFP Europe is able to deliver assistance anywhere in the world in 24 hours.

Production Area

Corresponding to Industry 4.0 standards, the production lay-out is able to perform any type of workflow by optimizing production sequences.

The production area is supported by standard and vertical warehouses always supplied, by a carpentry area, an assembly department and a testing area equipped with various fully equipped stations to make the newly assembled washing machines operational and brought to speed with washing liquids at temperature and management software for cycles already customized on the customer’s operational needs.

The machines that are being checked are tested directly with the components supplied by the customer.

The showroom

Next to the testing area we have reserved a showroom area useful for viewing the functions and technical details of KP Kleen Power washing machines. In the showroom the washing machines are operational, ready to be activated if required.