Ultrasound cleaning

Ultrasound cleaning is very effective in cleaning electronic components, precious metals, precision turning parts, machined materials with many details: iron filings that are difficult to remove are inserted into fittings or valves with blind holes.

In metal washing systems made by us, ultrasounds are an optional, the customer asks for it. The number of ultrasound generators is decided already in the design phase to adapt and prepare the washing chamber in which the transducers are installed.

The potential of ultrasound in our washing machines

We can apply up to five transducer per system, where it is necessary to remove obstinate material, such as polishing paste made more resistant by the cooking and drying, in this case the hot detergent alone is not enough.

How does ultrasound technology work?

After the first washing cycle with modified alcohol ultrasounds begin their job. Cleaning is based on the cavitation principle.

Our washing machines equipped with this optional technology are made of a transducer and an electronic ultrasound generator.

The vibrations transmitted to the water generates vacuum bubbles that implode and act (cavitation), detaching dirt evenly on any material: steel, brass, aluminum and many others.