Prompt assistance in case of emergency

When one of the 4000 pieces that make the washing system has some operating problems , the IFP Europe Service intervenes wherever it is required.
The key components that determine the primary functions of the system have wireless sensors that, if necessary, signal any anomalies in the washing processes, thus alarming and remotely contacting the operator technician of the Service office of IFP Europe.

All machine functions and any service alarms are carried out by the management software equipped with all vacuum washing machines in the KP Kleen Power line of IFP Europe.
Thanks to the remote assistance system, the Service IFP Europe is able to quickly repair and ,if necessary, replace any malfunctioning or faulty component.
Assistance is guaranteed in Italy and in all European and Non-European countries , thanks to the widespread sales network in the area.
If necessary, IFP Europe Service specialized technicians can quickly reach the system that needs to be repaired with original or reconditioned spare parts with “IFP Europe Guarantee”